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NORTH CAROLINA: Civil War History Center Gets New Name

FAYETTEVILLE — The New Year means a new name for the N.C. Civil War History Center, which has added a reference to the Reconstruction period following the war.

The North Carolina Civil War and Reconstruction History Center would be run by the state and be 60,000 square feet.

N.C. Civil War History Center is now the N.C. Civil War & Reconstruction History Center. The new center, which is studying how the Civil War affected all 100 counties in North Carolina and has been 10 years in the making, changed its name to more accurately reflect its mission to learn and to teach, rather than to collect and display artifacts.

The name change was discussed at the November meeting of the Center’s Board of Advisors, which was held at Fayetteville State University.

Board leadership and consultants set out to find a way to more accurately describe the center’s work within the name itself, given that planning, research and fundraising over the past decade will soon give rise to actual buildings on the grounds of the N.C. Arsenal in Fayetteville, which is presently the location of the Museum of the Cape Fear Historical …

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