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SOUTH CAROLINA: New South Carolina Cultural Studies Institute to Open

GEORGETOWN, S.C. — The cultures and history of the South Carolina coast will be the focus of study at a new institute jointly proposed by the Baruch Foundation and Francis Marion and Coastal Carolina universities.

The three organizations have entered into an agreement to create the Belle Baruch Institute for South Carolina Studies at the Hobcaw Barony north of Georgetown.

Among cultural and historic features at Hobcaw Barony is the Friendfield Church. The Baruch Institute, along with Francis Marion and Coastal Carolina universities, proposes to open an institute to study the culture and history of the coast. The institute will be on the barony property near Georgetown. Provided.

The agreement will enable them to start raising money, including seeking grants, endowments and other sources of money from state, federal and other public and private outlets.

The barony, a 17,500-acre wildlife refuge northeast of Georgetown, is currently the site of the Baruch Institute of Marine Biology and Coastal Science, as well as the Clemson University Baruch Institute of Coastal Ecology and Forest Science.

Foundation Director George Chastain said the new institute is a logical next step in developing the barony as …

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