Nothing Short of Blasphemy!

We have a local internet news site that covers several of the more rural counties here in North Central Florida.
This publication has a section called “The Christian Press.” Within it are published daily devotionals and weekly religious columns. There was a recent entry originally published in 1942 taken from the book Strength for Service to God and Country. This particular article was written by a Methodist minister and in it we are told that “God Needs You.” The omnipotent, sovereign God of the universe “needs you”! Really? Think about that. That is, if you can do so without becoming physically sick.

Specifically the so-called “reverend” who authored this article tells us: “Christ needs you. In certain places even He must fail unless you are true to Him.”
I can cause Christ to fail? What supernatural powers I must have!
Indeed he assures us that: “Christ would mean little to thousands of people, if He had not had E. Stanley Jones.” [A famous Methodist preacher]. We are also assured that but for Albert Schweitzer, Christ would have meant nothing to additional multitudes.
Such human arrogance is blasphemous! Jesus Christ “needs” nothing. Jesus Christ “needs” no one. I am thankful that

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