“Nuke That Rascal’s Website”

NEW YORK—Every day somebody howls for the shutdown of a website, the squelching of a Twitter account, the nuking of a Facebook page, the removal of a video or a screed or a manifesto, all in the name of…uh…well, it depends, but mostly in the name of saving the world.

We’ve become a nation of scolds and censors and digital night-riders, trying to get people removed from the internet.

Many of these modern-day bowdlerizers are the same people crowing about “net neutrality,” whatever that is (and believe me, I’ve tried to figure it out), and demanding that Disney give up the copyright to Mickey Mouse because, after all, everything should be free and available and easy to find.

Well, everything except hate speech. Whatever that is.

And everything that jihadists post. Assuming we can agree on who’s a jihadist and who’s not.

And everything that white supremacists do.

I’m gonna digress here for a moment and suggest that we retire the term “supremacist” altogether, because it’s being used now to describe not just the Ku Klux Klan, but anyone who’s simply proud of his heritage. Do we really want the websites of the ladies …

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