Obama Appointee Governor Creates Illegal Alien “Defensive” Agency, Threatens Trump With Sanctuary

Phil Murphy has made no mention of American households in his state paying on average $800 each to support illegals in New Jersey.

Incoming New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy plans to open a new state agency specifically designed to help illegal immigrants in the United States when he takes office. Murphy will call the agency the Office of Immigrant Protection and part of its operation would be to field calls from illegal aliens inquiring about their legal status. Murphy said, “The rumors that swirl around communities are extraordinary, and it’s literally hard to get, particularly if your undocumented, the right answer to your question. That’s when people go back into the shadows.”

Murphy wants to turn the state into a “progressive beacon” and he plans to offer illegal immigrants financial aid, driver’s licenses, and state identification. Murphy is an ardent supporter of illegal immigrants and will allocate enormous funding to help those criminals in his state regardless of the cost to Americans in New Jersey.

It does not matter if their public schools suffer and standards slip, without regard for Americans who lose out on college funding to illegal invaders, with no consideration for the neighborhoods of Americans being overrun …

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