Open Windows And Candles Alert Neighbors, Detroit Police Discover “Crazy” Month Long Act

Detroit Police Chief James Craig commented on the unsettling discovery found in the Monroe home.

Michigan police made a disturbing discovery after neighbors requested a wellness check on a home on New Year’s Eve. The Monroe residents reported that an odd smell was coming from one of their neighbors’ homes; they also found it suspicious that an upstairs window had been left open for weeks, despite freezing temperatures. The landlord of the house called law enforcement to investigate.

Upon searching the home on East Noble Avenue, just south of Detroit, police quickly found the source of the smell: the deceased body of David Hall’s girlfriend, Kandace Simmons. The couple had been renting the house together. Police were finally able to track down Hall, 49, and arrested him during a traffic stop last Wednesday. He is in jail on a bond of $50,000 for his crimes in “concealing the death of an individual.” Hall was also wanted for a warrant involving a domestic violence charge with his now-deceased girlfriend.

The most disturbing part of the story is that Hall was still residing in the house during the time that Simmons’ body was decomposing, which investigators suspect was for about a …

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