Overlooked Census Info Horrifies Democrats: Blue State Red State Balance UPSET As 16 States’ Districts Impacted

Many green leftists are going to be very unhappy with the news today.

Regardless of what Democrats and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) socialists may wish to claim, people know the benefit to being able to keep their own money. They know that government is doing a dreadful job (as the current state of the I.R.S., the E.P.A., and the Department of Education shows us) when it comes to managing or spending our money, and they always have. More people, even the poorest, do better when taxes are low.

The Hill confirms this as they write that, while everyone was busy planning for Christmas, the Census Bureau released numbers which show that “states that keep taxes low and provide a competitive business climate perform far better than the states that follow the tax-and-spend approach.” States that did this saw people “voting with their feet,” as it were. The red-blue alignment is starting to shift and leftists are in a panic as 16 states’ districts will be impacted.

The U.S. has grown by an additional 327 million residents “with highly competitive economies in Idaho, Nevada, and Utah leading the way.” It does not take a rocket scientist …

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