Part 2: McDurmon’s Rejection of Christendom and Embrace of Egalitarianism

Joel McDurmon has written a book on the subject of slavery in Christian America. In this book McDurmon attempts to inform average white Christians of the true horrors that white Christian America wrought against innocent blacks, and thus to provide a context for contemporary black discontentment with whites. In Part 1, we looked at McDurmon’s comments about slavery in principle. One would imagine that a work dedicated to providing a Christian perspective on slavery and its abuses would have delved deeper into what the Bible says on the subject and then give reasons as to why he doesn’t believe that certain biblical requirements were not met. McDurmon does not do this. McDurmon largely ignores the Bible in his analysis of slavery as it was practiced in America.

The biblical case for slavery is so strong that virtually all historians of any political persuasion are convinced that the defenders of slavery at least won the debate on what the Bible teaches.1 McDurmon is not unaware of this consensus. McDurmon cites contemporary historian Mark Noll who argues, “The literal interpretation of the Bible actually favored the southern defense of slavery. Opponents, he argues, either had to abandon the authority …

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