Paul Nehlen Is the Alt Right’s 2018 Candidate

In the midst of a messy runup to the 2018 midterm Congressional elections, and following the horrendous defeat of Judge Roy Moore in Alabama’s special senatorial election, it’s welcome news that there may be the one candidate that anyone with a pro-white, pro-American sentiment can rally around.

Paul Nehlen is /ourguy/.

The inventor, businessman, nationalist, and 2016 Republican primary opponent to Speaker of the House Rep. Paul Ryan is running for Congress again in 2018, and he’s got news for the Left and Right alike.

He’s a businessman with a solid track record. He’s an unabashed anti-globalist who went way out on a limb to attack Ryan and support President Trump during the 2016 campaign. He’s received support from Queen Ann Coulter for opposing Muslim immigration into the U.S. and for opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership. He’s a motorcycle-riding Gen Xer who doesn’t shrink from confrontation. …

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