Permission Not Required: Constitutional Carry Bill up for Consideration in Nebraska

LINCOLN, Neb. (Jan. 9, 2018) – A so-called  “Constitutional Carry” bill introduced in the Nebraska legislature would make it legal for most Nebraskans to carry a firearm without a license, and foster an environment hostile to federal gun control.

Sen. Tom Brewer (R-43) introduced Legislative Bill 502 (LB502) last year and it will carry over into the 2018 session. The legislation would allow persons 21 or older, and not otherwise prohibited by other laws, to carry concealed weapons without a license. Individuals would be allowed to carry concealed without a permit anyplace license holders can currently carry. The bill also stipulates a number of places where it is illegal to carry a concealed weapon including police stations, courthouses, government meetings and areas primarily dedicated to selling alcoholic beverages for consumption. These restrictions would remain in place under the proposed law.

Under LB502 Nebraska residents would still be able to obtain a license so they can carry in states that have conceal carry reciprocity with Nebraska.

Last year the bill was referred to the Judiciary Committee but no vote was held after a March public hearing.

While constitutional carry bills do not directly affect federal gun control, widespread …

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