Please, It’s a Horror Film

CHICAGO—For the first couple months after Get Out was released, I was beating the drums for it, telling anyone who would listen that it was brilliant dark-comedy horror with a Rosemary’s Baby vibe combined with a Roger Corman-type social-commentary subtext. The film has a third-act problem, but I would tell people, “You won’t care because the rest of it is so damn brilliant.”

Pseudo-intellectuals on the internet can ruin anything.

First it was “a new kind of horror film.” Well, not really. The involuntary-brain-surgery sequences are so hackneyed as to make you long for the artistry of Bloodsucking Freaks.

Then it was “the most significant horror film of the last fifty years.” What? Huh? Who?

Then it was “the first horror film to feature a black protagonist.” EXCUSE ME, but, uh, Night of the Living Dead? Not to mention Blackenstein, Blacula, The Beast Must Die, the remake of House on Haunted Hill, Halle Berry in The Call, Wesley Snipes in Blade, Laurence Fishburne in Event Horizon, Grace Jones in Vamp, the little boy in Wes Craven’s The People Under the Stairs, Jada Pinkett in Demon

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