Police Arrest 63 As Less Than One Ounce Found At Lingerie Birthday Bash

Deja Heard (pictured) saw her birthday party end with 63 of her guests arrested for one ounce of weed.

The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution is supposed to protect a person (or many people) from having their persons, their belongings, or other items searched and confiscated. Also, there is no right, from a Constitutional standpoint, to limit even worrisome items, like marijuana. Certainly, if a person breaks a law on that drug, any drug, or no drug at all, we have laws against such behavior already in place.

As AOL News shows us today, government overreach was on display for all to see as the Fourth Amendment was all but fed into the paper shredder. They write that at least 63 people were taken into custody “on suspicion of possessing less than an ounce of marijuana after police were unable to identify the actual owner of the drug stash” was.

Regardless of what any law regarding pot is, such a law is an outright violation of the Forth, and when we ignore it (as we have as a people for decades), this is the result. The waste of money just in processing them alone is astronomical.


Cartersville, …

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