Professors Get Bribes: $340,000 Slated For Payoff In Inventive Scheme

University President Johnathan Alger discusses the benefits of the expensive inclusivity training program.

It is fair to say that colleges are generally liberal and politically correct institutions. One university is taking that unnecessarily further by monetarily bribing professors and staff, regardless of the damage it will do towards draining the school’s budget. However, the program’s developers insist that it will “make classroom environments more multiculturally minded.”

For a $250 stipend, all of the 1,375 staff members at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia can opt to participate in a reoccurring “inclusivity training” program which has the worthy goal of making classrooms more inclusive and professors and staff more apt to deal with any issues that arise from cross-cultural interactions and discussions. The program will be composed of seven workshops, starting January 19.

The university’s new program will be funded by the Innovative Efforts Award grant, or IDEA grant, and will award up to $343,750, depending on the number of teachers and staff in attendance. Titled, “Preparing Faculty to Be Inclusive Teachers,” the optional training will focus on topics such as “multiculturalism, microaggressions and learning environments.” Many IDEA grant proposals have been made permanent and integrated into …

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