Radio Program Banned: “Violations” Claimed As Free Speech Eliminated In Wake Of Sharia

Conservative students at UMM don’t seem to have freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech may be dead on our liberal college campuses—only if you’re a conservative student, that is. While liberal students crowd into safe spaces and antifa protest with violence, conservative students are banned from doing the simplest things. The University of Minnesota-Morris is a good example. Students tried to have a radio show called “The Deplorable Radio Show” but it was nixed by school administrators—and remains so indefinitely.

The students say their show was real, albeit politically incorrect. Because they’re conservative, they say they were booted off the air. The university tells a much different story, saying the show had multiple violations of the station’s policy. Students immediately appealed per university policy, but their requests were ignored. The university says it will review the expulsion “sometime in 2018”, leaving the students with little hope that their show will ever air again.

Female station manager Carter Young officially emailed the students: “I would like to reiterate that you can submit a letter of appeal next semester for the Executive staff to re-evaluate your position in KUMM.”

UMM has squelched free speech.

Two Minnesota students, Brandon Albrecht and Tayler …

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