Religion and National Identity

The Pew Research Center last year released a study titled: “Religious Belief and National Belonging in Central and Eastern Europe.”  It highlights the growing importance that religion is playing in the national identity of Eastern and Central Europeans.  Excitement about this topic is no doubt fueled by the continued smear campaign by Western media to demonize the countries of Eastern Europe.  One country after another has refused to go along with the demographic and cultural replacement that has been planned for them by the globalist powers in the West and individuals such as George Soros.  It raises the important question in our increasingly pluralistic societies of the West: how important is religion to a nation’s identity?

One of the interesting facets of the Pew study was a poll on how important a specific religious identity was for that particular nation.  For the Orthodox nations numbers were highest:

  • 78% of Serbians felt being Orthodox was important to being truly Serbian
  • 76% of Greeks
  • 57% of Russians
  • 51% of Ukrainians

Tracking behind many of the Orthodox countries were the Catholic countries of the east.

  • 64% of Poles felt being Catholic was important to being truly Polish
  • 58% of Croatians
  • 56%

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