Rep Senator Demands AG Sessions “Live Up To That Commitment” Or Else

Colorado Republican Sen. Cory Gardner was horrified Thursday when the Trump administration rolled-back promised protections for legalized marijuana. He’s now threatening to block every single one of the president’s future judicial nominees until the situation is rectified.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle were left seething Thursday after Attorney General Jeff Sessions peeled back Obama-era protections for legalized marijuana. Republican Sen. Cory Gardner threatened to impede the confirmation process for every single Justice Department nominee until Sessions reverses his decision.

Gardner, who represents Colorado, claims that Sessions promised him he wouldn’t interfere with the state’s marijuana policies. He’s breaking his word less than a year into office.

“And that’s why I will be putting… a hold on every single nomination from the Department of Justice until Attorney General Jeff Sessions lives up to the commitment that he made to me in my pre-confirmation meeting with him,” Gardner fumed.

“I would like to know from the attorney general what has changed… What has changed the president’s mind? Why is Donald Trump thinking differently than what he promised the people of Colorado?”

The Obama administration, while recognizing that marijuana remained federally illegal, allowed state prosecutors to ignore violators who acted in

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