Romney Text Announcement Fuels Liberal Rumors As Senate Seat Race Heats Up

Utah Governor Gary Herbert believes that Mitt Romney is the ideal candidate for the soon vacant Senate position.

Mitt Romney has not been President Trump’s biggest fan, however, he recently made a private announcement which could either be positive for the right or threaten the president’s efforts, dividing the Republican party. On Sunday, former presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, reportedly texted his friend, businessman Kem Gardner, “I’m running,” referring to a Senate seat position in Utah where Romney resides. Gardner reportedly told Utah Governor Gary Herbert of Romney’s plan. As expected, Liberals are loving the idea of the Republican party fighting from within.

The former Massachusetts governor’s sudden decision to run for office is inspired by one of Utah’s current senators, Senator Orrin G. Hatch’s announcement that he will conclude his political career after the current term in 2018. Governor Herbert indicated that he is for Romney running, saying that if he does not, another Republican candidate must be determined soon.

If Romney runs for a Utah Senate position, it has been anticipated that he will most definitely win, given his ties to Utah and being openly Mormon, aligning with much of the state’s voter’s views. Romney’s ancestors from Utah …

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