RPT Officially Censures Joe Straus

Texans tired of the corrupt and the back-stabbing status quo in Austin and the GOP were recently handed a bit of good news. Over the weekend, the soon to be former House Speaker, Joe Straus, was officially censured by the Republican Party of Texas.

Straus orchestrated his rise to power through support from his opposition in 2009. In supporting Straus, the Democrats didn’t know the bargain they were getting, less a necessary evil and more a coup for their side. Being that he owed his seat to the Democrats (more likely that he was a fellow traveler), Straus governed as at least half-a-Democrat. This was understandably problematic for his own Republican base. Rather than seeing their majority translate into the codification of the GOP platform, it resulted in their agenda’s stifling and the passage of some of the most odious precepts of the other party. Thankfully, due to changes hard fought for in the House Republican Caucus bylaws that now “provide for a process to elect the Speaker internally,” a Republican can no longer rise to the speakership with the help of the opposition. It’s too bad that Texas had to endure almost ten years of Straus obstruction before making …

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