San Antonio Tricentennial

300 years ago this year, the city of San Antonio had it’s earliest beginings. Since then, the old city has seen its share of significant historical events, so let’s take a few moments and look back at some of the moments and achievements that helped define one of the greatest Texas cities.

High-school history books always focus on the thirteen colonies when describing the early days of North America. However, keep in mind that while 12-year-old Benjamin Franklin was beginning his printing apprenticeship in 1718, San Antonio de Béxar Presidio was already established.

While the Boston Tea Party was brewing in 1773, San Antonio was serving as the capital of Spanish Texas.

Visitors may rush to places like Philadelphia and New York to spy the architecture of by-gone eras, but San Antonio still houses the oldest existing dam and the only existing colonial aqueduct in the country. The Esoada Acequia Dam and Aqueduct which were built in 1731 to provide irrigation to farmers around the Mission Espada.

Texas has her own unique and interesting history in San Antonio. The city served first as a religious site for early Spanish Catholic missions then as a military hub for Spain. Mexico continued …

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