Second And Fifth Amendment Destroyed, Democrats Move On Civil Confiscation “Gun Control” Bill

Democratic Governor Carney is pushing for gun control in Delaware, regardless of its threat to constitutional rights.

All fifty states fall somewhere on a spectrum that measures how seriously it takes citizens’ second amendment rights, or how eager it is to try to revoke them. While they are blue states already, Delaware and New York are considering laws which represent the latter, which would make them just as dangerous as places like California, where it does not take much to have a citizen’s right to bear arms taken away.

The laws are admirable in what lawmakers are trying to achieve, which is to restrict mentally ill individuals from owning guns. However, the lack of due process is highly unconstitutional, and the law is unspecific in defining what constitutes an individual as ‘ill.’

HB 302, also known as the “Beau Biden gun control act,” was introduced by State Representative David Bentz and is supported by Delaware Governor John Carney. Under the law, health care workers such as doctors and nurses could determine if in an individual is mentally unfit to have a deadly weapon and report him or her to authorities, who could confiscate firearms “with no more than …

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