State Police Cause Firestorm As Handgun ‘Possession’ Announcement Despite Ownership Law

Pennsylvania police are standing by the ridiculous expectation that medicinal marijuana patients will willingly disarm.

Guns and marijuana: with new state laws permitting the medicinal and recreational use of the drug, firearm laws have come into question with most officials stating that users of both must choose one or the other. That debate has begun in Pennsylvania, as in 2018, it will become legal for marijuana patients, however, state police are demanding that such citizens relinquish their right to bear arms, unsurprisingly drawing strong opposition.

Those opposing such disarming are appalled that a state would pass a local law allowing something to be legal, but only if it is traded for a constitutionally protected right. This makes no logical sense, considering several items in the bill of rights, specifically amendments two and ten.

The second amendment protects citizens’ right bear arms, period. The only exceptions to this involve intentional criminal behavior or mental issues which deem one unfit to own a firearm. However, what medicines one takes or recreational substances they partake in have nothing do with such an important right. Secondly, the tenth amendment clearly states that if the federal law does not specify legality of a …

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