Swamps, Shitholes, And Five Things To Remember As The FISA Memo Nuke Explodes Over DC

How sadly appropriate it is that a week begun with relentless media obsession over President Trump having supposedly referred to certain nations as “shitholes” now ends with the looming release of a detailed memo that could seriously threaten and possibly even crack the very foundation of America’s farcical approach to freedom, liberty, and democracy?

Before we get into the four page FISA memo that’s about to nuke Washington, let’s take a sec to focus on this “shithole” concept since it’s both relevant and important to understand right about now.

When Trump uses a harsh term (whatever term he actually used) to describe obviously bad-off, profoundly hobbled nations, he is, whether he fully intends to or not, assessing the consequences or product of the governments of the nations in question. It is these nations’ governmental policies that are largely responsible for the awful conditions that he is pointing toward.

Government control and intrusion in realms reserved by God to the individual, family, and church is a central element in making these horrible national situations possible.

To me more specific and accurate, it’s the metastasizing of civil governmental power at the expense of church governmental power, family governmental power, and individual governmental …

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