The EU Continues Its Attack on Polish Sovereignty

History is seemingly repeating itself, with the “Union” infringing on the national sovereignty of Christian peoples like it did back in the 1860s. Only, this time it’s on the Old Continent and the culprit is the Visegrád Nations of Central Europe, not the Confederacy of Dixieland.

The main strategy implemented by the Union to justify their imperialism again revolves around the so-called liberation of foreigners. In the 1860s it was the abolition of black slavery; today it is the influx of third-world refugees. The fact of the matter is, however, that the same evil forces aimed at destroying whatever is left of Christendom are at work here.

In the most recent attack on Polish sovereignty, the EU has threatened to suspend Poland’s voting rights in Brussels if the Polish government proceeds with pro-life legislation aimed at protecting disabled (mostly Down syndrome) babies from being aborted. Brussels called the proposal a “breach of European values.”

It is frustrating for a white ethnonationalist like myself to have to distance myself from “European values,” or at least what is nowadays presented as such. The liberalism of the Enlightenment and the past two centuries has sadly succeeded in their envisaged epistemic revolution to such …

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