The Wasp Woman’s Weapon Was a Wasp Waist

NEW YORK—I walked down 8th Street yesterday, past the jumble of little secondhand shops and shoe stores and stand-up lunch counters and trendy bodegas, looking for the place where Susan Cabot was discovered. It was a club called the Village Barn—little more than a restaurant with a hillbilly theme—and I’m sure she was probably the only actress ever discovered there. It wouldn’t surprise me if she were singing country music long before it became fashionable, in 1949, the year a Columbia casting scout named Max Arnow walked in and fell in love.

Men were always falling in love with Susan Cabot, and Susan was always letting them. She was one of those women who really deserved the term “irresistible,” a petite effervescent brunette who was barely five feet tall and a hundred pounds, with what fashion designers used to call a “wasp waist” (18 inches or less). More on that irony later. She was one of those women so sexy that it starts to be classified as a handicap. Case in point: She was still turning up in the news last week—31 years after her death—as the woman used by the CIA in 1959 to make sure that …

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