The Westminster Confession Is Kinism, Part 2

Part 1

In chapter 7, Of God’s Covenant with Man, we read “life was promised to Adam; and in him to his posterity” (WCF 7:2). Which again affirms the nature of God’s covenanting as, by its familistic dimension, hereditary. Or, at the least, we must say it validates lineage as a good. The divines confirm said lineal covenant to redound to a national expression in “the people of the Jews” (WCF 7:5), and later extending similarly “[u]nder the gospel … to all nations” (WCF 7:6).

This is how the Puritans could teach that the books to be opened on the last day are genealogies delineating the godly lines by sept, clan, tribe, nation, and race.

Of course, modern Alienists object, insisting that the the new covenant’s encompassment of the nations means the abolition of the nations. But the notion that the divines referenced the nations come into the covenant only as a means of denying their existence is pure numbskullery. As is the determination to take the word ‘nations’ as meaning an indifferentiable mass of atomized or homogenized humanity. This, the patent resolve of today’s PC pulpits, violently imposes upon the text of the confession – and the Bible back …

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