The Westminster Confession Is Kinism, Part 3

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Chapter 10, Of Effectual Calling, addresses a core offense to carnal man. In the same measure, it also proves irreconcilable to the PC zeitgeist and is especially adverse to the “social justice” perspectives of minorities. Because the confession’s insistence that God “predestinated” His people, effectually “determining them to that which is good” (10:1) means first that the gospel and salvation come only to those whom God wills. Which provokes all minds to consideration of “the fate of the unlearned.” Relative to which comes the “ignorance defense”: in the context of multiculturalism, this takes form as a hostile question — “What about those who never heard the gospel?!” And as Dr. Kennedy points out, by “‘Ignorance’ — they are usually talking about people in the midst of darkest Africa, or India, China, someplace like that.”

Yes, everyone perceives in the subject something especially impolitic with respect to church history no less than eternity. Historically speaking, it means God has chosen European nations — White people — to the near total exclusion of others for two millennia while leaving Africans, Indians, and Chinese in total darkness throughout most of that time. By consequence of …

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