They Can’t Win Unless the President Loses

You know things are bad when the supposedly “loyal opposition” has morphed into the “resistance” and has become way too heavily invested in the president’s failure.

Democrats say no matter what they suspect, they really and truly hope there was no collusion between the president of the United States and the Russians because that would be a terrible thing for our country

Translation: We Democrats, especially we progressive Democrats, hope and pray that there actually was collusion because then we can finally get rid of this embarrassment who should never have been elected in the first place.

Democrats say they hope President Trump won’t fire special counsel Robert Mueller because that would create a constitutional crisis.

In English, that means they hope and pray that he does fire Mueller because then they can impeach him on grounds of obstruction of justice.

Democrats say the new tax law will hurt the middle class; that it will, in the words of Nancy Pelosi, bring on


But that’s exactly what Pelosi and her merry band of progressives are hoping, because Armageddon would lead to a blue wave next November that would sweep Democrats into a majority in Congress.

Rush Limbaugh took a …

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