This Year in Trump

Now in January of 2018, we are approaching one full year of Donald Trump being President of the Union. 2017 was a strange and surprisingly quick year, but in a few ways, this first year of President Trump has defied many negative expectations.

To be frank, I was and still am not a big Trump fan. I find him boorish, unprincipled, willing to say whatever he needs for political advantage with comments so open to interpretation as to be devoid of objective meaning. In other words, he’s just like any other successful politician… just with a bit of P.T. Barnum thrown in for good measure.

Trump gave me every reason to not believe him, as he often simultaneously takes contradictory positions on many issues. His personal life was a train-wreck; his penchant for treating every situation like a sales-pitch often made him a walking faux-pas; his loose relationship with the truth constantly made you wonder if he was lying to you or the other side; and all those comparisons of him to King Xerxes, put forth by supporters as a Trump campaign sales-pitch, left me more nauseated than comfortable with him holding reins of power. However, in the midst of …

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