Three Arrested After Woman Hires Killers, Shocking Fact Revealed But Murder Committed Anyway

Police discuss the horrible discovery they made regarding the Florida murder which could have been prevented.

In Florida, an unfortunate mix-up led to a woman being brutally murdered “for no reason at all.” A couple, hired to kill, was given the assignment to murder their roommate’s ex’s new lover. The couple proved to be amateur criminals, as they abducted the wrong woman, saving the life of the intended target, but taking that of an innocent one.

The murders used the victim’s debit cards after she went missing, leading the police right to them. While admitting to the events of the crime, they continue to deny any moral responsibility. Law enforcement officers were particularly upset about the incident which took a woman’s life and left a man without his wife and a child without his mother.

Ishnar Lopez-Ramos, 35, was responsible for the murder-for-hire, hiring a couple she lived with, Alexis Ramos-Rivera and Glorianmarie Quinones Montes, both 22. They were to wait outside a Ross store in Kissimmee for their victim to get off work; Lopez-Ramos wanted the new lover of a man she still loved robbed and murdered. Montes and Ramos-Rivera successfully kidnapped a woman who fit the description, …

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