True Freedom REQUIRES The Freedom To Fail

1. The primary purpose of State “help” is to foster State dependence.

2. More and more Americans love – and demand – State “help” in practically every area of life.

These two realities make it plain that, barring radical repentance and reformation, we are (and should be) a doomed people – and by “people” here I mean the group comprising what is currently called the United States of America.

While I certainly hope, pray, and work towards the aforementioned repentance and reformation, it’s important to acknowledge that there’s precious little tangible reason to believe that such a thing is on the verge (or even on the distant horizon) where American culture is concerned, including (and perhaps especially) in its professing Christian subculture.

Most self-identified conservative Christians want public schools.

We want programs like Social Security and Medicaid.

We want a massive military that dominates the globe and secures the supremacy of the American State (which we tend to conflate with the Kingdom of God in so many ways that you really have to work hard to miss the rank idolatry of it all…which is precisely what most “conservative Christian” Americans do thanks to generations of State discipleship through public schools).…

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