U.S. Laughing At Snowflake State MELTDOWN After DIY Law Causes Widespread Panic Attack

Still suffering in the Internet era from a crooked deal that went through in the pre-television era.

Oregon Residents are absolutely terrified by the thought of ordinary citizens being allowed to pump their own gas. City residents are still safe but anyone living in rural areas with less than 40,000 people could experience death or disaster any moment now.

Those of us in the rest of the country, except New Jersey, are busting a gut with laughter at the fearful predictions of clueless snowflakes. In New Jersey, they are laughing too but for different reasons. They invented the underlying scam to jack up fuel prices.

A new law allowing self-service went into effect on Monday. Even though the legislation has been in the pipeline for months, the vast majority of Oregonians don’t have the faintest flicker of an idea how the vehicle fueling process even works. The self-serve gas pumps that most of America take for granted, equipped to read credit cards and print receipts, don’t even exist yet in most of the state.

Those of us who have been pumping our own gas for decades realize the process isn’t rocket surgery but to pampered Oregonians, the transfer of a …

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