UC Berkeley Lawsuit Over Constitutional Violation, School Shocked As Law Enforcement Removal Looks Grim

UC Berkeley President Micheal Smith is grappling with a serious lawsuit. Multiple people were injured on campus when liberals went wild before a planned talk by Milo Yiannopoulos.

Four angry Berkeley residents are suing U.C. California after they were attacked on campus. They were simply trying to attend a free speech lecture on campus when they were brutally assaulted by masked madmen. The plaintiffs allege that the police officers on the scene neglected their duties and failed to protect them.

“This action seeks to protect and vindicate fundamental rights,” the lawsuit reads.

“It is a civil rights action brought under the Fourteenth Amendment against government actors responsible for creating dangerous conditions and exposing the Plaintiffs to physical harm caused by a violent mob of anarchists at a student-sponsored Milo Yiannopoulos event (“Yiannopoulos event”) scheduled to take place at the University of California, Berkeley (“UC Berkeley” and “University”) on February 1, 2017.”

UC Berkeley, a supposed bastion of liberal thought, couldn’t handle hosting a lecture series on free speech. Students reacted horribly. Protesters swarmed the Yiannopoulos event before it started and quickly became violent.

The plaintiffs were attacked by black-masked thugs.

“Something very disturbing happened on the UC Berkeley campus,”

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