Utah Joins List Of 12 As Firearm Ban Requires Police Action

The governor of Utah, Gary Herbert signed the money-saving legislation into law.

Utah has new legislation which outlaws the destruction of the majority of guns turned in to authorities. Police agencies have often hosted gun buyback programs which allowed citizens to turn in unwanted firearms. The firearms turned in would often be destroyed by the agency accepting them. The destruction of this weaponry is costly and provides no net benefit to the community. Now, firearms turned in during these events in Utah, that are functional and have not been used in notorious crimes will be sold to qualifies buyers, not destroyed.

Republican Representative Brad Daw who sponsored the bill said, “I never saw the need for a perfectly good firearm to be destroyed.” Police have largely engaged in this practice as a propaganda effort to make Americans believe guns are bad, ironic because their lives often depend on them. The nature of the programs taking in and destroying firearms is un-American and wasteful.

Destroying perfectly good firearms is not fiscally responsible for public agencies. Disposing of firearms requires special precautions and procedures which can run up a significant bill. By selling the firearms to qualified buyers, citizens enjoy a boost …

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