Weaponized Ignorance: The Great Success Of Public Schools

Public schools don’t get nearly enough credit for the truly amazing job they’re doing.

In an age when wildly inaccurate things are routinely paraded around as truth, one of the most ridiculously off-base assertions regularly repeated by Americans from all across the political spectrum is the contention that public schools are somehow failing in their mission.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Public schools are not a failure.

They are a remarkable success.

They are accomplishing exactly what they were designed for: The production of a population that is increasingly ignorant, increasingly proud, increasingly State-dependent, and increasingly anti-Christian.

Put more simply: American public schools are very successfully fulfilling their mission of making malleable cattle out of American people.

Public schools are literally designed to produce successive generations of people who are each more ignorant, more State-centered, and more overtly anti-Christian than the last. So when we look back at 100+ years of steady trending in each of these areas where American culture is concerned, we can see that American public schools have been and continue to be an incredible success.

We now have an “education” system so intensely delusional and committed to the propagation of insanity under the guise …

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