West Virginia Bill Would Legalize Sports Betting; Defy Federal Prohibition

CHARLESTON, W. Va. (Jan. 18, 2018) – A bill introduced in the West Virginia House would legalize sports betting in the state. Passage of this bill would set the stage to nullify federal prohibition in effect.

A bipartisan coalition of 11 delegates introduced House Bill 2751 (HB2751) on Jan. 10. The legislation would allow sports betting at West Virginia casinos. Under the proposed law, the state lottery commission would propose rules for legislative approval to establish a framework for sports betting in the state.

“The rules shall provide regulatory guidelines, without limitation, that include at a minimum, financial and betting reserve accounting practices and other necessary and appropriate requirements to properly assure financial viability and proper operation. The commission shall incorporate by reference in these rules appropriate statutes and other rules contained in and relating to article twenty-five of this chapter necessary to properly and effectively regulate sport pool betting activities; and provide for reasonable annual licensing fees, licensed gaming facilities sufficient for the commission to regulate this activity.”

In 1992, Congress enacted the Federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (28 U.S.C. Section 3701 et seq.), establishing a general prohibition on sports betting in the United …

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