What Can I Say?

The keepers of public opinion today
hand down to the masses what we are to say.
I try hard to please them and follow the mob.
If I say the wrong thing, I’ll be out of a job.
So, Masters, please tell me the rules of fair play,
and please let me know what you want me to say.

The venerable guardians of popular mind
decreed a hard rule of the most solemn kind:
“We want you to say—and we want you to care:
diversity here, and diversity there.
Diversity is what you must celebrate,
and if you do not, then you’re just full of hate!”

I said, I can do that—that doesn’t sound hard.
And so I held forth like an eloquent bard:
Those people are different, they’re not like me;
and I’m not like them, it is so plain to see.
Those people do things that others do not;
and others do many things those never thought.
I revel and celebrate such a great sea
of wonderful, colorful diversity.

But, “No!” cried the thought police; cried the mob, “No!”
“That man must be fired, that hater must go!
You think you’re superior in your own eyes,
and everyone …

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