Where’s the Lie?

Lost in the midst of the leftist media’s phony outrage over an obvious fact — that Haiti and African countries are far, far less desirable places to live, work, or play than predominantly white countries — was the media’s supposed job to fact-find.

Where was the lie in what President Donald Trump said? Whether he used an expletive or not, is it not true that Third World countries are worse in every measurable way than First World countries?

Let’s take the most talked-about nations mentioned in Trump’s leaked conversation: Haiti and Norway.

If you are Norwegian, you are 95% less likely to die in your infancy than if you are Haitian. You are 88% less likely to be unemployed as a Norwegian. More than 40% of Haitians are unemployed. That’s like having a permanent Great Depression and then some. Norwegians make 38 times more money per capita than Haitians. Not 38 percent mind you, but 38 times, which equals 3,800 percent.

Norwegians are 94% less likely to have HIV/AIDS than Haitians. Almost 2% of the Haitian population has HIV/AIDS. That statistic alone is staggering. Think of the demographic groups that each constitute 2% of the American population — Jews, …

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