White Farmers Returning to Zimbabwe: A Good Idea?

Zimbabwean wave their national flag during a ceremony marking the 28th anniversary of independence from Britain on April 18, 2008 in Harare. Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe came out fighting during the ceremony in his first major speech since disputed polls, fending off criticism over his rights record and accusing Britain of stirring up unrest. AFP PHOTO/Desmond Kwande (Photo credit should read DESMOND KWANDE/AFP/Getty Images)

We were all happy to see Robert Mugabe dethroned last year. He was, after all, an anti-white tyrant who helped facilitate the decline of the formerly prosperous Rhodesia into the worst third-world hellhole on earth. So a new leadership is certainly welcomed, and even former white Rhodesians are taking the bold step of peacefully returning to their farms under the new Mnangagwa government.

Concerning Mugabe, those on the Right often forget that he was also an enemy of our enemy. Liberal Western nations have sanctioned Zimbabwe for many years now, and since we know from their attitude towards South Africa that they don’t give a damn about white farmers, we have to assume an alternative agenda. Mugabe didn’t fit the role of the puppet regime they dreamed of in Zimbabwe. One can point to numerous …

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