“Why Not Do It?” Tiny Towns Step Up To Tackle Booming Industry

Knox Medical, owned by Jose Hidalgo, is opening the first medical marijuana dispensary in Texas. The dispensary will only sell low-THC products that are unlikely to get customers high. The benefit is purely medicinal.

Three tentative marijuana dispensaries are about to open in small-town Texas. They’ll bear little resemblance to their California counterparts, however, as they’re only authorized to sell cannabidiol (CBD), a derivative of low-THC marijuana that doesn’t get you high.

“If it helps people and it doesn’t hurt anything,” asked Fayette County Judge Ed Janecka, “why not do it?”

The first dispensary to open, Knox Medical, is located in a Schulenberg, a tiny town populated by 3,000 people. It’s an ideal spot for an experimental business because it’s surrounded by lush farmland and shielded from disapproving eyes.

Despite the limitations set down by the state, the dispensaries’ existence signals a marked shift in Texas law. Legislators have long resisted calls to legalize medical marijuana. CBD is now legal because “a person would have to smoke an entire barrel of CBD to get high. With recreational use or abuse therefore unlikely, Texas lawmakers got onboard and passed the Texas Compassionate Use Act in 2015.”

The program is still in

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