Winter Olympics Without Russia Just Isn’t the Same

The Winter Olympics without Russia is like a sushi festival without Japanese chefs. It’s like a World Series without American players. It’s like a history exam without any mention of the Roman or British Empires.

It’s a travesty.

Thankfully the other nations that inhabit the Arctic climes are represented at the Winter Games, such as the Swedes, Finns, Norwegians, Canadians, and Americans. But the absence of the world’s largest country, and the owner of the most Arctic real estate on Earth — Siberia, anyone? — leaves much to be desired of this year’s quadrennial celebration of winter athletics.

I detest made-up words such as Islamophobia and homophobia, because they are both vapid and misleading. I almost detest the term ‘Russophobia’ for the same reason. However, in the case of Russophobia, the term conveys a truth. Is the rest of the world afraid of Russia? Yes, that is actually true. The real power behind the term, though, is not that the world is afraid of Russia, but that the world is both afraid of Russia and hates Russia. Media outlets such as use this term to engender sympathy for the Russian government and Russian folk. It’s effective, though hiding behind …

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