A Blowtorch In The Darkness: Bible Study And Discipleship In The State Capitol

Amidst the craziness and cultural rot that’s been defining things around here for far too long, something supernaturally cool is going on.

Many things, actually, but one I want to take a sec to get you up to speed on is the Bible study and discipleship ministry that was launched just over two weeks ago in the Tennessee General Assembly at the start of this year’s Session.

After months of prepping and ramping up, I’ve been honored and thrilled to lead our first two weeks of studies in association with Capitol Ministries, whose mission of making disciples in the political realm is one that I think we can all agree is both awesome and much needed. I decided on an hour on Tuesday mornings from 7-8 a.m. for Assembly Members and an hour on Fridays from noon-1 p.m. for staff and anyone else on campus who has an appetite to dive deep into the Word.

With two weeks in the bag, things are off to a sweet start.

We started with a two week study titled The Gospel and the General Assembly. For each week I prepare a 2-4 sheet handout as a guide and summary of the subject matter …

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