A World of Hurt in the Boardroom

NEW YORK—Apparently a whole bunch of CEOs and public officials and celebrities and high sheriffs of various sorts have been writhing around in their mahogany offices, screaming in agony.

I speak, of course, of the painful decision.

If somebody calls a press conference and starts out, “Regrettably, we have made the painful decision…”

…you may be shocked and astounded to find out by the end of that sentence that all of your assumptions about pain itself are incorrect. It’s not the guy getting fired who’s in pain, it’s the guy who fired him. It’s not the thousand workers being laid off who are experiencing discomfort, we should focus on the guy who’s laying them off. It’s not the family members of the missing person who are in unbearable agony, it’s the police official calling off the search.

It’s an adult version of the old “This is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you,” which is what your dad says before he whales the crap out of you.

Guess what? It doesn’t hurt Daddy more than it hurts you. And it doesn’t hurt the guy who goes back to the C-suite …

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