Against Gun Control: The ‘I Want To’ Factor

So, let’s imagine that in response to the Parkland, Florida, mass shooting, the government, federal or state, strongly tightens control of firearms.

And then what? No more shootings? No more Nikolas Cruzes and such like, taking out their personal malice on the innocent and unwary?

I speak as a lifelong non-owner of guns when I say we ought not count on governmental control of firearms as a broad, asphalted, tree-lined avenue to the elimination of gun violence — perhaps not even to its diminishment.

The gun-massacre problem, we routinely fail to acknowledge, is double-sided.

On one side is opportunity: the “sure I can” stuff. Taking Nancy Pelosi’s advice to go once more to the well on gun control, government can make the acquisition of certain firearms harder than now. This fails to deal with the other side of the problem: the “sure I can and I will because I want to!” side.

Opportunity and motivation go together: a reality of which the gun control debate, if you call it a debate (knockdown, drag-out match seems to me more the case), is almost completely innocent.

Happily for the sake, at least, of clarity, we know Nikolas Cruz to be nutty …

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