Army of Trans Mississippi, Sons of Confederate Veterans


Compatriots of the ATM,

Recent developments with regard to National and Army Offices have changed the landscape of the upcoming SCV election cycle. As you may or may not know, I have served the ATM over the last year and a half as the Executive Councilman of the ATM. I had announced previously that I would be seeking a second term as your Councilman and had fully intended to seek re-election to that position. However, with the recent announcement from current ATM Commander Johnnie Holley, stating that he will be seeking the office of Commander-in-Chief of the SCV, I have decided after careful consideration to seek the office of ATM Commander.

The time I have spent as ATM Councilman has not only been rewarding, but has also been a valuable and educational experience. Sitting on the General Executive Council has provided me with direct insight to the business end of the SCV. Working with the present SCV Administration and Council, as well as drawing from past SCV experiences as Missouri Division Commander, Brigade and Camp positions, has prepared me to carry on as the Commander of the ATM. It has truly been an …

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