Army of Trans Mississippi, Sons of Confederate Veterans

Johnnie Holley
for Commander in Chief

Fellow Compatriots of the Sons of Confederate Veterans:

These last few years have been a stressful and eye opening experience for the SCV. As our gallant ancestors faced an enemy with superior resources and manpower, we in the SCV are now facing the same powerful enemies. Our enemies of the past are still with us but now we also face enemies with unlimited financial resources and superior intelligence gathering capabilities who have total access to the media.

We have seen our monuments and history attacked at all levels. We have seen laws we felt protected us, flaunted and ignored. We have seen our resources drained due to the attacks all across the nation. We must learn from our past responses and develop new approaches to these attacks. We must learn from the past and develop a comprehensive plan for our future.

I have held Camp, Brigade, Division and Army level offices in the SCV. I have been closely involved with legal defenses from counties all the way up to the Supreme Court of the United States. I feel I now am qualified to ask you to honor me by electing me as …

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