Augustine: A Racially Aware White Man

earliest known depiction of Augustine

Through the years there has been a lot of speculation about the race of Augustine. Because he was from North Africa, many from within the social (justice warrior) gospel crowd have claimed that he was probably a black man. This is what I was taught in seminary. When googling the ethnicity of Augustine, nearly all answers suggest he was black or brown.

It is a testimony to liberal scholars’ disingenuity when they often warn us of anachronistic interpretations concerning ethnonationalism in the early church, yet (often even in the same discussion) also claim Augustine was black or brown based purely on anachronistic geographic-racial constellations. (i) That Augustine was black or brown because he was from Africa; (ii) that race doesn’t exist or matter; and (iii) that the civic-nationalist construction of national identity is the Christian position — these are all propositions that the average Christian somehow manages to hold simultaneously.

Nonetheless, recent DNA studies have revealed the folly of these Alienists. There have been numerous suggestions from many scholars that Augustine’s mother, at least, was a Berber. However, Augustine, with his immense biblical-historical awareness, would have been aware that the Berbers descend from the …

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