Austin Bans Border Wall Builders

It seems Austin has a case of the border-wall blues! In a move similar to other progressive-leaning metropoles, the Austin City Council ”passed a resolution on Thursday that prohibits the city from doing business with contractors employed to design, build, or maintain a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.”

The reason for this resolution was summed up by Austin’s Mayor Steve Adler, quoted in a Newsweek article, and it’s about what you’d expect. “‘The border wall is not about keeping us safe,’ Adler told reporters on Thursday. ‘It’s a political symbol of fear and division.’” Mayor Adler failed to elaborate whether a wall might serve any function other than as a symbol of fear, such as being an effective deterrent to unauthorized entry for instance, but I digress.

The move by Austin has, naturally, been criticized by the Trump administration as “‘blackball[ing],’” but it is well within the city’s purview to pass such a resolution. What seems strange about it is the timing. To date, there is no guarantee Washington will ever construct a border wall. No legislation has been passed to finance Trump’s proposed wall, and negotiations on the matter are no where near being settled. In fact, with the …

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