Bambi vs. Godzilla vs. Christianity

For those who don’t know of or follow Jordan B. Peterson, you should probably start paying attention.

Not because Dr. Peterson has a Christian worldview. He doesn’t. (So please pray for him on that count.)

We should be paying attention to him because he’s moving – or at least forcefully nudging – culture in a very positive direction in a few specific and important areas. He’s derailing long-running fictions and redirecting the narrative of the day in ways that seemed near impossible (at least in the short term) just a short while back.

In this (as is the case for all people in all places at all times), Dr. Peterson has been God’s tool. While there’s much for us to be thankful for in God’s provision and use of Peterson in this way, we have to be on guard for the many errors and problems that come hand-in-glove with his fundamentally non-Christian (which is another way of saying anti-Christian) worldview.

Though Dr. Peterson was already “a thing” long before last month’s fateful and now legendary interview with Cathy Newman of British television’s Channel 4 News, that interview served to propel his already stratospheric popularity to a whole ‘nother level. …

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