Bigger in Texas: Dinosaurs!

Giant sports venues are often deemed the ideal time to put in a plug for upcoming movies, and this year’s Super Bowl was no exception. During a break in the game, viewers were treated to the new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer, and it was something else! Now, being a dinosaur nut as well as an enthusiast for all things Texan, I started thinking about these animals and their connection to our great state. As it turns out, Texas has played host to many discoveries about these beasts, from first-time finds of unique species, to cutting edge theorizing about the behaviors of these terrible lizards. Here are just a few examples of what Texas has preserved from our prehistoric past.

Dinosaur Valley State Park

Photo by Diane Turner (No Endorsement.

Located near Glen Rose, Texas, you’ll find Dinosaur Valley State Park, an area famous for its trails of preserved tracks from both theropod and sauropod dinosaurs. Discovered in 1909 by a nine-year-old boy, this site has ever since been studied by amateurs and paleontologists alike to learn what they can about these extinct beasts. The saurian trails at Dinosaur Valley stand as physical evidence that dinosaurs …

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