Bush’s Tangled Web Finally Unraveling

At long last, it appears that public outcry regarding the management and restoration of the Alamo is paying off. In December, lawmakers grilled Land Commissioner George P. Bush about the use of nearly a half-billion in public funds for the “Re-imagine” project. During the hearing, lawmakers demanded that Bush explain the relationships and roles of the three non-profit “partners” which comprise the operation.

Amazingly, the hearing uncovered the existence a of yet a fourth partner, “the Alamo Master Plan Management Committee.” Bush explained to the Senators that the partners were created at the advice of the GLO legal counsel and serve to protect board members from “liability.”

Senator Kirk Watson (D-Austin) correctly retorted, “What liability? Your first goal should be to protect the taxpayers of Texas.”

Senator Joan Huffman (R-Houston) also expressed confusion regarding the claim of liability, as the Alamo is owned by the state which possesses sovereign immunity.

During the hearing, Bush also made the claim that minutes of financial reports are available through the General Land Office.

Senator Lois Kolkhorst (R-Brenham) disagreed. “My staff and I went online to look for records. We couldn’t find them.” Watson went further. “You say minutes and some documents …

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